It feels like


It feels like


not afraid of death
I´m most afraid of living
my pain in plexus and heartache
are relentless, unforgiving
it feels like
my demons are becoming me
I have nothing left to give, you see
I am the leaf
that is left from the whole tree
forgive me
for the pain that I suffer
right now
my black icy cold heart
is all I have to offer
it´s asking me to choose
to be vulnerable
or tougher

it´s depressing
all of our society
only knows escaping
and repressing
but there´s a way
towards the freedom
of expressing
it stumbles through the dark
for every truth
you are confessing

and we all try
to piece ourselves together
shards of glass are cutting us
until our hands feel like leather
no one tells you that
it feels like
the pieces don´t fit
no one tells you it burns
when your fire is lit
no one tells you that
facing this bottomless pit
you´re descending
and owning your shit



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