The Deserving Devil


The Deserving Devil


You can never do enough
when the Deserving Devil speaks
If you save up all your energy
he makes sure it leaks
and he sucks out raw blood
for every pleasure that you get
If you haven´t worked for it
he collects the dept

If you don´t abide by his rules
they deem you a fool
An idea implemented
from the first day at school
Your homework and papers
are evalueted, graded
Your self-esteem grows
but your worth is degraded

The truth is we´re born in
unconditional worth
but the Deserving Devil prevails
and controls us from birth
Our parents were taught
they must work to get approval
So they pass on the same
self worth removal

The Deserving Devil
doesn´t want you to learn
that worthiness and love
isn´t something that you earn
Life is not an endless competition
you are worthy of love
without any condition


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