My serenity
was kindled
through my
hard earned integrity
Learned by severity
Churned in scarcity
of love, thinking I was good
A misinterpreted longing
to be understood
I gave away my power
thinking that I should
give up everything
that could
reveal me
I thought this
denial would
heal me
Feel me
I didn’t know
this way
you could
steal me
Still hiding
when I wanted
you to see me
All the while
I had to
be the one
to free me
light and dark
to be me
To put up
might seem aggressive
A massive change
to your surroundings
They can’t see
the mountain
you are mounting
Your life is up hill
past beliefs
And still
for every boundary
you maintain
You’re back is straightened
by the integrity
you gain
They say
you shouldn’t have
aggressive behavior
But if you’re lacking
back bone
anger is your saviour
The darkness is there
though under
Without recognition you might
explode in confession
Or you’re like me
You implode by the pressure
to drown in self loathing
beyond any measure
You’re climbing
the ladder
of uncertainty
Life came without
you’ve got to
fight for your integrity
But every step
is worth it
Like self worth
you have to birth it
with complete love
For your wildness
turns into the
most incredible kindness



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