Inner peace prayer


Inner peace prayer

I give my self peace

I give my self peace

I give my self peace

so I can be at ease

walking towards my day

I feel each of my feet

my arms and

my whole body


so I can give myself peace

I breath deeply

from inside my belly


and I meet people

talk and I laugh

I am

and I give myself peace

I do my best

and I am present

I am here

and I give myself peace

A thought may strike like lightning

hearing my inner tumoils fighting

and then

I give my self peace

I give my self peace

I give my self peace

so I can be at ease






I am a wave
And a flashing sword
I am a sage
I obey to no one
But The Lord

The Lord is in me
Pumping in my chest
And my Heart speaks louder now
Louder than the rest

He commands the Victory
Of vast, of endless plains
He surmounts the Fire Horse
Freeing him of chains

He evokes the thunderstorm
The waves of ebb and flow
And he beats the Silent Song
Inside me, when I go



The Lord is Great Spirit and Mother Earth, and it does not belong to any religion.




My mind is not empty

but just full of stars

maybe each of them a victory

not all of them are scars

scars only heal

when we allow them to feel

each of them

how deep they´re going

you feel pain

when your sores are mending

you give up and look up

not knowing that the stars

are looking back

they feel it

when you are losing your track

they hold their breath for you


they cannot tell you

what is true

but your scars will tell you a story

when healed

they shine with the outmost of glory



Know Fear


Know fear

no pain no gain
before you reach the end
you feel you´re going insane
can´t retrain the brain
cause´you´re locked up
in emotional strain
and every try to fix things
is trying in vain

until one day you´re fed up
can´t get your head up
you´ve let yourself down
and you give up
with nothing left to defend
you completely surrend
without knowing
it´s the beginning
it´s not the end

what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger
but you can´t take it any longer
you´re living your life like Sisyfos
behind every victory
is a god damn loss
by now
you think it´s a cross you must bear
you can´t see
it´s been the road to know fear
you´re too weary to feel it
you´re one step away
to be able to heal it

you´re fed up
can´t get you´re head up
you´ve let youself down
and you give up
with nothing left to defend
you can completely surrend
it´s the beginning
and not the end


Love transformed


Love transformed


a boy was loved
when his father
hit him hard
so his own love transformed
his heart
standing guard

a girl was loved
when her mother
left in spite
her own love transformed
her heart
ready to fight

a boy was loved
when his mother
abused him
his own love transformed
his heart
always refusing

a girl was loved
when her father
had gin
her own love transformed
she´d let nobody in

unable to recognize
that their love was insane
they grew up to be parents
to add to the chain
another generation
of unbelievable pain



Rich Defense


Rich defense


your chest was swollen

and your hands were clenched

I wished to rip your heart out

through your rich defense

scars collided

and like cars we crashed

our bones were splintered

when our ribs got smashed


your heart stood bare

in plain sight to see

you unfolded your empty ribcage

to me

allthough we were broken

beyond repair

I picked up the pieces

of my hearts despair

allthough I realized that

we were one

from the beginning

I couldn´t help but notice

that in fact

you watched me grinning


All I have to do


All I have to do

The world is right here
on your fingers
on your toes
with your hands up
are you waiting to see the next tree
to plant one is not for free
no it costs three
but I am planting one by the sea
maybe she’ll grow up to be just like me
and why
with the world in front of me
how lonely
when everything is available to learn
it’s a jungle
so I have to discern
which way to go next
which turn
which lane
I already know
I am insane
what is there to worry about
when all I have to do is liking myself
no matter what feelings that may arise
feelings are the spice in this device
called a computer brain
all the veins pump electrical signals
to inform my cells
a sinister place where my emotion dwells
I encounter spells of the past
outcast from the winter scene
I don’t even remember where I’ve been
but I can recall a smell
put some lighting on and I remember it well
but I didn’t want to know
so I forget again
and I say it’s ok to shut down locket
ten feet down
cause I had to
all that pain was pumping
like fireworks going off inside my pocket
coming home after all that fiery rain
all that is left is the shame
that is stained on me like a waterproof marker
shoulders up and head down
I look in the mirror to wipe out my frown
but I look past my own eyes
liking myself is like loving the lies
that flies out when I put on my brave face
covering up my scars
my disgrace
did you notice that I was avoiding your gaze
into my souls shuttered windows
I was looking out anywhere the wind blows
is where I might be staying
you might find me under that tree
you’ll find me swaying
that I will like what I am and what I’m not
until then I am staying on that spot
waving like a tree
all I have to do is
to like me.



The Deserving Devil


The Deserving Devil


You can never do enough
when the Deserving Devil speaks
If you save up all your energy
he makes sure it leaks
and he sucks out raw blood
for every pleasure that you get
If you haven´t worked for it
he collects the dept

If you don´t abide by his rules
they deem you a fool
An idea implemented
from the first day at school
Your homework and papers
are evalueted, graded
Your self-esteem grows
but your worth is degraded

The truth is we´re born in
unconditional worth
but the Deserving Devil prevails
and controls us from birth
Our parents were taught
they must work to get approval
So they pass on the same
self worth removal

The Deserving Devil
doesn´t want you to learn
that worthiness and love
isn´t something that you earn
Life is not an endless competition
you are worthy of love
without any condition


The Seed


The seed knows when it´s growing


The Path knows

where it´s going

Below mountains

and crested moon

it stays

before it divides

and becomes

many ways

of knowing

The Path knows

where it´s going


The seed knows

when it´s growing

Under blackened earth

and red hot stones

it knows

Through these layers

is where it goes

to reveal to all

The light in which

she´s holding

The seed knows

when it´s growing