Know Fear


Know fear

no pain no gain
before you reach the end
you feel you´re going insane
can´t retrain the brain
cause´you´re locked up
in emotional strain
and every try to fix things
is trying in vain

until one day you´re fed up
can´t get your head up
you´ve let yourself down
and you give up
with nothing left to defend
you completely surrend
without knowing
it´s the beginning
it´s not the end

what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger
but you can´t take it any longer
you´re living your life like Sisyfos
behind every victory
is a god damn loss
by now
you think it´s a cross you must bear
you can´t see
it´s been the road to know fear
you´re too weary to feel it
you´re one step away
to be able to heal it

you´re fed up
can´t get you´re head up
you´ve let youself down
and you give up
with nothing left to defend
you can completely surrend
it´s the beginning
and not the end


Kvit Støy


Kvit støy


hører du jordens rytme bryter

med den kvite støyen

du skyter

treffer blinkskudd

åtte hull

temperaturen synker

under null

et taktfast knull

uten kropp

uten skyld

uten stopp

eg kjenner sult

en innskrenkende hunger

eg vil fylle mitt ord

med liv

gi det lunger

og bli svanger

med idéer

uten anger