I am a wave
And a flashing sword
I am a sage
I obey to no one
But The Lord

The Lord is in me
Pumping in my chest
And my Heart speaks louder now
Louder than the rest

He commands the Victory
Of vast, of endless plains
He surmounts the Fire Horse
Freeing him of chains

He evokes the thunderstorm
The waves of ebb and flow
And he beats the Silent Song
Inside me, when I go



The Lord is Great Spirit and Mother Earth, and it does not belong to any religion.

Landscapes of definition


Through landscapes of infinity
I form new definitions
I meet my own judgement
In each possible moment
There is a new recognition
And I shed my layers of superstition
That life is unreal
balancing my life to an even keel
I heal
Old canyons of wrong premonitions
Like wrinkles in my face
I want to face my challenges with grace
Consciously reshaping my definition
I can summon a brighter vision
To be aware of my steps on the ground
And learn how to listen before I make a sound

I went down when the trail became steeper
I found myself going in
Coming deeper
The red rocks were talking
They spoke through my feet
While I was walking
The story I hear
From the stones when it’s clear
Is a tale of no definitions of fear
There’s no need to worry ‘bout identification
My soul is an endless expression of creation.