Know Fear


Know fear

no pain no gain
before you reach the end
you feel you´re going insane
can´t retrain the brain
cause´you´re locked up
in emotional strain
and every try to fix things
is trying in vain

until one day you´re fed up
can´t get your head up
you´ve let yourself down
and you give up
with nothing left to defend
you completely surrend
without knowing
it´s the beginning
it´s not the end

what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger
but you can´t take it any longer
you´re living your life like Sisyfos
behind every victory
is a god damn loss
by now
you think it´s a cross you must bear
you can´t see
it´s been the road to know fear
you´re too weary to feel it
you´re one step away
to be able to heal it

you´re fed up
can´t get you´re head up
you´ve let youself down
and you give up
with nothing left to defend
you can completely surrend
it´s the beginning
and not the end




in one second

the word is out

the lights blinking

your eyes are twitching

your mouth moves

with a tingling sensation

you lie


.and a moment after

a shadow of doubt


the high score is

that moment

in between

when all is fine

it’s fine

until it’s gone and


I find it unspeakable

the sensation between my thighs

I can’t control it

so I hide


I only venture

in my mind


how is it

that I feel the freedom inside

bursting out

on the edge

on the edge of fire

like bursting on flames


it rains


and I

feel my veins dilate

I am afraid

cause I can’t differentiate

love from

the storm of information

I feel captured in

my own sensation

of desire

I can’t

I am on fire