Intelligent fools


Intelligent fools

to me everything looks grey
I don’t buy the black and white
if that’s ok
I’m going to draw a bigger picture
on a red square
be aware
I am no way near
the ending
I can’t talk about the system
without being condescending
the state is removing culture
from the schools
intelligent fools
like you can learn how to live
by numbers
join the dots and fill in the slots
file on que
you know what to do
sell your liver
be a giver
all that matters in life
is mass production
and efficiency
art sucks the economy dry
nobody needs dreamer
who thinks he can fly
into a reality where
taxes don’t exist
where there are no lists of
got to do before tomorrow
where time is infinite
and not borrowed
from a bureaucrat
who joins the dots
files on que
she knows exactly how
to follow the rules
raising intelligent fools
who stop to think creatively
and what we get is
a deprivation of imagination
it’s sucking life out of our society
if we don’t teach kids about art
their mind becomes
a theoretical desert
until their mind is blown by
a sandstorm of reality
you can’t build your life
counting numbers to insanity
life will bring wrinkles
to your vanity
your passion runs dry without
irrigation from your fantasy reserve
and living lifes art is something you deserve



The Paradox


We have ourselves a paradox
of individualistic thought
The drought
Of selfishness sought
by consumer mentality
Convinced that you are free
to buy your normality
But in reality
You are depending
on a system
not worthy of defending

You are sending
your kids to school
and recommending
that they shut down their mind
to blend in
To voluntarily give up the free will
the schools are designed to kill

Knowledge repeated
until the free mind is defeated
Abandon creativity-
and fear becomes deep seated
Easily controllable
as the soul becomes depleted


You built your house on sand
Adopting the beliefs of your
fellow man
Still thinking you are
out of the box
While you are still trapped
in this paradox


It’s called government because
they want to govern us in herds
The cage is so comfortable
we don’t even know we’re birds
They have us incapacitated
So severed from our bodies
we’re practically decapitated

Desensitized and divided
beyond recognition
We are kegs in their wheels
of propaganda repetition
Individual thought is mere superstition
when you still abide by their rules of
war and collision

When they keep us in herds and in
in segregation
They uphold the illusion
of separation
We blindly accept their
We oblige and we vote and
detect no correlation
Of our growing pain
and our most important relation:
The Earth dies without our
minds evolving and elation



You built your house on sand
Adopting the beliefs of your
fellow man
Still thinking you are
out of the box
While you are still trapped
In this paradox


We have lost our senses
and we call it common sense
You do everything «right»
and still you’re stressed up
and tense
The government wants you
to build your defence
So they teach every man
to fend for himself
And our egotistical mindset
finds a natural outlet
We project toward each other
And destroy the Earth
our Mother

Our paradox is even written in the word
Take your freedom of choice
And find your inner voice
Is a mystic

Waking up means thinking independently
And it means waking up from duality
The paradox says
You need to use your individuality
To wake up from this selfish reality

And by using your freedom
you are finally seeing
that we are one
All colors and shapes
in one
Beautiful being